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I am a skilled entrepreneur with a passion for people, and more specifically, helping unlock authenticity in the earth. I weave my experience as a father, athlete, entrepreneur and pastor to evoke new ideas and perspectives. I inspire, build and lead organizations designed to facilitate empowering diverse cultures. Guided by the fundamental belief that we are all given a purpose in life, I inspire purpose across people, spaces, places and time in a way that shifts the very constructs of latent and complacent systems.

Currently, I am the CEO/Founder of New Rules Collective, a company that exists to unlock authenticity built upon lasting impact. We take top executive teams, start-ups, organizations, and universities through our customizable, four-tiered process to aid in building authentic diversity, and distinguished leaders. Throughout my career, I have established numerous startups. In 2007, I founded Gamespeed Basketball, a high-level skill development company, which I sold in 2018. I also founded Equal Shot Inc., formerly known as Gamespeed Nation, whose mission is to launch notable leaders and creative problem solvers through athletic development, leadership development, and skill acquisition. I am the founder and Pastor of Engage Church, a 8 year-old church, which is in the top 5% of growing churches in the nation and remains politically, economically, and racially diverse. 

As a Connector, I use my creativity fueled by my passion for people and the community that I serve, to connect people in meaningful ways that result in impact and resolve across the various businesses, within the diverse cultural landscape of my city (Tallahassee, FL) and abroad.