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I am a seasoned partner of New Rules Collective and a American Entrepreneur and Experience Architect (XA). With over two decades of experience in the digital domain, my work weaves experience architecture, and the rapidly emerging ideas, concepts, and technologies categorized as the metaverse to deliver more meaningful and immersive moments of truth (MOT) for visionary brands.


“I envision a future where brands and the experiences they deliver will live across multiple-realities, blurring the lines between the physical and virtual world”. ~ 2005


To facilitate my ambitious vision for what’s to come, I lead initiatives at Better Design Co., a brand identity and web design company specialized in leading brands into the Metaverse, Forever Creative Company, a world anchored AR creative studio, and Futurenaut Academy, a skills acquisition and development platform built 100% in extended reality (XR).


A charismatic communicator and businessman, I write, and speak about the importance of creativity, innovation, post-industrial economy leadership, and the future.

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