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The problem regarding authentic diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces has existed for decades. The main reason we haven't seen movement in this field is that we have been applying outdated solutions to a growing and culturally sensitive problem. 


We can no longer modify cognitive behaviors, alter verbiage in corporate documents and create a checklist that only tackles superficial problems. It's time to tackle the core of the issue. 


Here at the New Rules Collective we define Authentic Diversity differently. For us, it is where self-awareness, the understanding of implicit and/or institutional biases, and empathy intersect for positive, measurable impact and change. We believe one of the best methods of learning is by experience. Foregoing traditional cognitive behavioral techniques, we utilize emotional experiential methods to tackle the issues of self-awareness, biases, and lack of empathy that we see in our culture or within organizations. We believe that development in these areas will lead to a common ground where authentic diversity will flourish. 


Our four tiered process will allow us to:

1. Discover individualized organizational goals around DEI.

2. Develop a strategy to achieve your defined "wins."

3. Deploy a personalized strategy geared towards your organization with insight from our DEI Diagnostics tool.

4. Debrief during each stage of the process to ensure we are moving closer to the defined "win" and have actionable next steps along the way.

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