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Here at New Rules Collective, we know leadership flows from the top down. You cannot export what you do not have, and if the goal is Authentic Culture, those at the top must first be Authentic Leaders. 

Research and data supports this notion, as we see employee engagement improve, job stress decrease, productivity skyrocket, work culture upgrade, and more, when an authentic leader sits at the top (Forbes, 2019). A separate Multi-level Investigation in Three Countries, conducted in 2019, confirmed similar findings including increased innovation. Additionally, in recent years, we have seen McKinsey release data and research crediting a mindset of authenticity as one of the key leadership shifts needed for companies who are looking to outperform in the future (McKinsey, May 2023). 

For these reasons and more, we devote special attention to the development of top level leaders. 

Considering that we define the Authentic Leader as one who is self-aware and has the resilience to remain self-aware, we specialize in coaching through emotional intelligence, and human purpose development. May they be CEOs, C Suite Executives, Small Business Owners, Head Coaches, or the Dean of a School, we are invested in engaging, equipping, and empowering top tier leaders. 

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