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New Rules Collective  first began as an internal prototype training program during the Spring of 2017 as “The New Rules Project.” Its primary goal was unlocking authenticity. If this was done, it would catalyze human flourishing as people became self-aware and developed the resilience to remain self-aware. The product of The New Rules Project would be transformed individuals who could operate as transformational leaders in the age that was to come. 

Little did we know, the age of disruption was upon us. After 2 years of several prototypes and hundreds of participants, New Rules Collective emerged and we quickly found our niche in the consulting world following the global turmoil of 2020. 

As practitioners of  Authenticity and Authentic Leadership Development   we are committed to the long term process that real change requires. We are not interested in checkbox strategies or blanket formulas that are copy and pasted from client to client. If the future belongs to Authentic Leaders, we want to ensure we equip them to lead in the Age of Uncertainty– an age where leaders must be prepared and have the boldness to write New Rules.


To deposit this, we craft a unique and specialized approach tailored to each client we work with. 

Our Why
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Driven by data and research, we are convinced that Authentic Culture is a critical component of any high performing company. We have discovered three pillars that contribute to Authentic Culture and what we like to call our “Authentic Culture Model™”

Our Model



Authentic Leaders create credible cultures. Without them, it will be impossible to create Authentic Culture within your companies and organizations. We define an Authentic Leader as someone who is self-aware and has the resilience to remain self-aware. It is the self-aware, self-differentiated leader that is equipped to lead in this Age of Uncertainty.



Authentic Diversity is more than just skin color. It is relational and goes beyond the boundaries of politics, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, ethnic culture, and more. Authentic Diversity is experienced when individuals have the ability to bring their full selves to work and into their working relationships. 



Authentic Innovation is the marriage of creative thinking and problem solving. It is the capability of addressing current needs with future possibilities in mind.


While these three pillars form the foundation of our work, we tailor the deliverables within our Authentic Culture Model™  to fit the unique needs of the clients we work with. 

We utilize a customizable four tiered approach to Discover the unique challenges your company faces, Develop a strategy to address these hot spots, Deploy the agreed upon strategies, and Debrief on their efficacy. 


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Our approach


We are guided by the fundamental belief that we are all given a purpose in life. We recognize that individuals have been endowed with unique talents and abilities.

We will define success, not by job title, salary, nor by material position, but by the utilization of our gifts to do meaningful work on this Earth. Whether that is as a firefighter, sanitation worker, CEO or stay at home mom.

We will not let our work solely be about us. Our primary aim is not for personal achievement, but for the betterment of people, communities, and organizations. We will be centered around adding value, production, and excellence to the places and spaces we inhabit.

We will position integrity to lead all of our endeavors. Some may be tempted to take short cuts, quit when it gets tough, and allow pressures of life to compromise values. Not us, New Rule makers are value-driven.

We will take risks. Being safe is for cowards! We do not fear failure, we fear never having tried.

We will be misfits, revolutionaries, and rebels. We will not allow the status quo or complacency to define us. We will be the ones who create a new way, even when they say it can’t be done.

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