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We are guided by the fundamental belief that we are all given a purpose in life. We recognize that individuals have been endowed with unique talents and abilities.

We will define success, not by job title, salary, nor by material position, but by the utilization of our gifts to do meaningful work on this Earth. Whether that is as a firefighter, sanitation worker, CEO or stay at home mom.

We will not let our work solely be about us. Our primary aim is not for personal achievement, but for the betterment of people, communities, and organizations. We will be centered around adding value, production, and excellence to the places and spaces we inhabit.

We will position integrity to lead all of our endeavors. Some may be tempted to take short cuts, quit when it gets tough, and allow pressures of life to compromise values. Not us, New Rule makers are value-driven.

We will take risks. Being safe is for cowards! We do not fear failure, we fear never having tried.

We will be misfits, revolutionaries, and rebels. We will not allow the status quo or complacency to define us. We will be the ones who create a new way, even when they say it can’t be done.


 Dr. Felicia Williams 

Director, Student Engagement at
Florida State University

"The New Rules Collective "Mask Off" seminar was a pivotal and life changing investment in our freshmen Business Living-Learning Community (LLC) students.  Our students were exposed to real and raw discussions and provided practical assignments to get to the heart of their authentic selves. Additionally, their emotional triggers were exposed to allow a deeper dive into the students finding their purpose.  It is my firm belief that institutions of higher education have a moral responsibility to provide a quality education to their students.  Pairing quality education with a purpose building curriculum, that awakens authenticity and enhances emotional intelligence, is a value add that aid in the development of productive citizens and in my humble opinion good humans who want to and will impact the world."

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